>Orlando Sentinel’s Darryl Owens writes about our cause.


We had the opportunity to speak with Darryl Owens about our cause and our goal to bring the Angel of Hope. Here is a little excerpt:
“In search of an Angel for Gabriella” by Darryl Owens
Four years ago, Anthony and Kristen Bencomo learned they were expecting.

They were thrilled. Their first.

They told everyone. Debated names. Enrolled in Lamaze classes.

Kristen kept doctor appointments. Marveled at her budding baby bump. Wondered why she never felt a kick. Endured headaches. Spiking blood pressure. Nerves?

Complications. Time to deliver.

Too soon?! No choice.

Doctors performed a C-Section. Hooked the tiny thing to a ventilator. More tubes and wires than baby.


After a dozen whirlwind days in the Florida Hospital neonatal intensive-care unit, life finally slowed to a pause…..

Click here to read the full article…

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