>Thank you all who have donated!!!

>Thanks to all who have donated so far in 2009. We have collected over $6,700 and Florida Hospital has been kind enough to match an additional $7,000 to our cause; for a total just under of $14,000. We still have a long ways to go. Our current goal right now is to continue to collect donations and to find a home for the Angel of Hope in Central Florida.

If you have any ideas for a possible location for the Angel, want to become involved and help us bring the Angel to Central Florida or would like to make a donation to the Angel of Hope of Central Florida. Please feel free to contact us: cflangels@gmail.com ;become a fan of us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.
If you are wanting to make a financial contribution to the Angel of Hope: You can make your checks payable to Angel of Hope of Central Florida.

Angel of Hope of Central Florida
P.O. Box 2323
Sanford, Fl 32772-2323

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